Our Hourly Rates

Our Hourly Rates

Hire developer/programmer for hours

Our Hourly Rates


  means the price to be charged for one hour for a developer or programmer to work for you. If a company or organization need a little work or small work to solve a problem he can hire a developer for programmer for an hour to solve their problem.
For example a company is facing problem in creating a macro to automate a word/excel task. He then may/can hire programmer for one hour to solve their problem or a very little software is to be developed to solve an organization problem, a developer may/can be hire for a little charges on hourly based. Freelancer can also be hired for that purpose but choosing a freelancer takes a little more time to decide and internet hourly contract rate is also exceeding 15 dollars. We want to provide a very little hourly contract rate only of 10 dollars per hour for our customers/clients for little tasks. Be sure that hiring developer or programmer for a long project on hourly rate contract bases is not good practice because your cash can be get out of your hand soon.

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Calculate salary from hour rates

If a person is making $50,000 per year and working 60 hours per week or seven days, he made about $16 per hour. If he had accepted the other job offer at $40,000 per year and work for 40 hours per week, he would have make $19.24 per hour. So, before hiring a programmer or developer you should consider that you are paying aprox. $1600 per month if you hire a worker for $10 per hour wage and 40 hours per week. Hiring hourly wage developer/programmer is only good if your work is not large/bigger or can be done in some/little hours.
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Software Development

Does your company or business needs/wants any data-entry software with custom reports to solve your business problem? For data-entry software hire one of our experienced team.
Does your business needs/wants dynamic requirements which you espect can be changed later? You want your software to be working for future business enhancements.
How the process we work to complete a business project with finding your business problem and solving it in right place and right direction. This is how we solve problems.
Do you want to hire a very cheap hourly rates programmer which will work to solve your company problem and will make a better solution for your business problem.


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