Responsive Design Web Development

Responsive Web Design

Desktop, Tablet, IPad and IPhone friendly Website Development

Why should not your website may be adjusted automatically with different devices such as Desktop computers, tablet PCs, IPhone mobiles or other mobile phones. We offer responsive theme for your website for all of these plateforms.

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The Form

Cross-Browser Compatibility

IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Compatibile Style Sheet

The good web-designs are those web-designs who are compatible with different web-browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. They always depends on the css you write for your website.

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Custom Admin Dashboard

Custom Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Where you have control over your contents

Content Management System (CMS) websites are those website which have a custom admin dashbaord to create pages for you website or to add new contents to your website. Dashbaord offers you control over your website contents.

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom Data-Entry Software Development

Our database driven custom data-entry software development service offers you to have a custom data-entry software for your company to store data and show reports. Gegasoft offers both web & desktop data-entry solution.

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Gegasoft Services

We understand your Project/Challenge & Deliver it to Exceed your Expectation.

Web Development

Static, Dynamic, CMS, Blog and Data-Entry Solutions

  is offering

any web development


Static Website


Dynamic Website


Content Management System (CMS)


Blog Development

or any

Data-Entry System/Solution (web-based)

for your company or any orgnamization. We have quality solutions for your company whatever topic it belongs to. We have experience in development of websites with responsive web designs and cross-browser compatibility because we have faced issues of cross-browser compatibility and non-responsive designs. Ofcourse, to develop such responsive and cross-browser compatibility desings it needs technical solutions for development. We are providing custom admin dashboard for your CMS (Content Management System) website from where you may have control over your contents i.e add new pages, publish posts etc. Read More...

Software Development

Database Driven Data-Entry Software Solutions

  providing you oppertunity to order

a data-entry software

for your company. Basically
Data-Entry Software
is a software where you store/save your company data/information in database in tables and view reports. You save/make every entry for example a company manager wants to get aware of his cash flow he may then make every entry belongs to his cash. Hence he may/can know where his cash is going (expenses) and where from he is getting cash (income resources/statements). This system needs

data-entry solution

for a company or organization. A school/college headmaster/principal may have need to store its students record, students examination system, fee statements and staff salary information to get aware of his school/college workflow. Read More...

Online Training Programs

HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP Training Programs

  includes HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, PHP langauges. We are teaching these

programming languages

online to our students to
make them developers
like us. As we are

working as professionals

and a

professional tutor

has experience working with these languages as professional ways and he can

teach much better

than a normal non-professional tutor.

Our professional staff

teaches/trains their students so that they can work with professionalism.

Online Training programs

allow students to ask questions relating to their topic and clear their miss-conceptions where as, tutorials are not enough to understand the core concept of subject.
Our live training
causes students to understand the core concept of subjects/objectives of these programming langauges. Read More...

Web Hosting

Wordpress Hosting, VPS Hosting

  is a requirement of a website to be

hosted or available / accessible

on the internet globally. There is no guarantee secure web-hosting with a free web hosting

service providers.

We are providing a

secure web hosting


cheap prices/rates

. Wordpress is a most popular plateform being used for thousands of websites/blogs.

CPanel web-hosting

means that the user may have web-hosting control panel from which he may have access to his www global web directory to host his website source on it and

mysql database


ftp accounts


email addresses


CPanel web-hosting service

is shared web hosting service having slow speed than

VPS Hosting

but enough for the need for website who have not too much traffic to their website.


is Virtual Private Server more faster performance a complete operating system with full

SSH root shell access

to have control over your server to host your website contents/source, database, ftp, email services.

VPS servers

are require when custom security issue, highspeed performance, best quota space and bandwidth. We are providing

Wordpress Web-Hosting


CPanel web-hosting


VPS hosting

for your website or web-service. We are supporting easy payment options for our clients so, that they can pay easily using their choice of payment option. Read More...

Client's & Testimonials

We Don't tell our success story to any one, Our work and Customers are enough to describe it.

Muhammad Waseem Saleem Great Team to work with, really attentive and react to request immediately. Excellent work and I'm really pleased with the results. Thanks Gegasoft Corporation.
Muhammad Waseem Saleem
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Fakhir Khurram I am very pleased with the way the AirView project went, that how they tackled all aspects of my project in a very short period of time at afforable cost. Thank you very much Gegasoft! I must contact you again for my next project.
Fakhir Khurram
Muhammad Atif Shafiq Gegasoft is excellent Company! I will definitely work with them again. Good communication, good work, on time!
Muhammad Atif Shafiq
Nauman Ahmed Thanks to you and the team for delivering a memorable event. As you are aware we were constrained by time and you managed the impact and the deadlines perfectly. We may still be talking about you.
Nauman Ahmed
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