Gegasoft Task List (task manager program)

Gegasoft Task List (task manager program)

Gegasoft Task List (task manager program)Gegasoft Task List (task manager program) is a windows task manager program that enlists windows tasks list. It has been designed or published for those user who says that their computer has been caught from virus or trojans which have disabled default windows task list program. When they press Ctrl+Alt+Delete they receive message "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator" and they are unable to kill the virus .exe files or trojans applications.


It lets you kill the virus or trojan which run in your system and disable your default windows taks manager program. To Do so, use it an alternate of windows default task manager program which lets you see and kill the virus or trojans programs from your computer easily. Gegasoft Task List (task manager program) lets you run new applications and control panel applications. You can run control panel application simply by typing the name of the program i.e. "display properties" to run Display Properties, "mouse" to run Mouse Settings etc.

It lets you set the refresh rate to refresh the active processes list. You can start and stop refreshing the list at any time by clicking on the [start] or [stop] button. It is a best windows task manager software for those who says "task manager not working" or "task manager has been disabled" etc. You can download Gegasoft Task List (task manager program) free from the following download links.

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