Gegasoft Patient Adviser

Gegasoft Patient Adviser

Gegasoft Patient Adviser

Gegasoft patient adviser is a software which lets you save your advices which you advice to your patients. It stores for the patients profiles and their logs. The logs stores for your advices and payment you make from your patients. You can save many a patients profiles and their logs. You can save your next logs before the come and set their status to pending to let you know that this advice may be adviced at the next time the patient will come to your clinic. It shows your daily total income report you can see your daily income reports within a date range. The detail of working of this software is as under.

Create/Edit patient profiles:

You can create patients profiles and edit their data at any time. The patient profile contains patient name, patient father name, gender, cell number, city, and material status etc. You can save as many patient profiles as you want. After when you have saved patient profiles you can edit for their data later. To edit a patient profile what you may have to do may have to click on the edit button and type for the patient serial number which you alot at the time of save first time the patient comes to your clinic. You can then edit the patient profile information and click again the save button to save for the new profile information of patient.

Search Patient:

All the patients of your clinic must have unique serial number. You can ask your patients to remember their serial number after when you come again to your clinic. The serial number is the unique id number which represents your patient. Every entry you store in database is stored to the serial number of your patient to make him unique and different from other entries. If a patient does not know what he had been aloted the serial number previously when it came to your clinic you can search a patient at the search patient form. You can search patient in accordance with his name. Just enter the name of the patient of the first name or the last name of your patient to have a list of patients having the name like that. You can then know the exact serial number of your patient.

Patients LogBook:

Patients logbook contains for the logs of your patients. The log contains the information of advices you delivered to your patient and the amount of cash/fee you received from your patient and the status of the log which might be either adviced or pending. Adviced means that you have adviced the patient whereas the pending means you have to advice in the future when the patient might return again after a few days as per your direction. When again the patient comes to your clinic you set the status of the log of your patient to adviced and you then advice your patient as per you saved in your record. The amount you enter in the amount textbox is directory stored and added to your daily income report.

New Log:

The new log form provides you functionality to add for the new log of your patient. You can also open new log form from patients logbook. You can delete and edit your log from the patients logbook.

Cash Statement:

Cash statment form lets you view your daily cash statements. You can see for today cash statement of the all the time cash statements or between a range of date you can see the daily total cash income statement by entering the from date and to date and clicking on the show statment button. It shows you your daily total cash incoome reports in a listview.

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