Gegasoft Online Test 2013

Gegasoft Online Test 2013

Gegasoft Online Test 2013 is a free MCQs Asker program/software that makes you able to prepare or do practice solving MCQ's questions, especially V.U (Virtual University) Quiz's which V.U Student attempts at The Gegasoft Online Test 2013 (MCQs asker software/program) has been included Solved Mega Quiz Files for the subjects ECO-403, ENG-201, MGT-411, CS-201, STA-301, and ISL-201.

Gegasoft Online Test 2013:

The Gegasoft Online Test 2013 has been actually designed to do practice solving MCQ's questions. Virtual University Students use it for practicing solving V.U subjects and ISSB students can use this software to do practice solving Verbal, Non-Verbal and Academic Tests for their Online Intelligence Tests. The new database will be included more subjects and tests. If some-one takes interest to include custom quiz to the database may contact the provider of the Gegasoft Online Test 2013.


1. Test Mode, 2. Practice Mode

Practice Mode:

Practice mode lets students practice solving MCQ's questions. Practice mode asks mega quiz MCQs questions with at-most six (6) choices and lets the student to choose the correct choice one. Whenever, the student choose the wrong choice the selected choice is backgrounded as red color that indicates the student that the student has selected the wrong option/choice and whenever the student choose the correct one choice it has been marked as green color background that identifies the student that the student/user has choosen the correct option/ choice one.

Test Mode:

Where as in Test Mode the student or user have been asked the mega quiz MCQs questions with about four (4) to Six (6) choices/options and the user have to choose the correct option/choice one. The student is not indicated that his selected choice/option is the correct choice or wrong choice at the time of the run-time but lets the student save his answers. At the end of the test, it showsthe result with the number of correct answered questions and the total questions.

This version of Gegasoft Online Test 2013 has been included six (6) virtual university subjects that are enlisted bellow and Six (6) ISSB Test (Verbal) and (Non-Verbal).

1. ECO-403, 2. ENG-201, 3. MGT-411, 4. CS-201, 5. STA-301, and 6. ISL-201.

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