Gegasoft Cash Control Mini

Gegasoft Cash Control Mini

Gegasoft Cash Control Mini is a free data-entry cash management software which controls about your cash that where does it go. You may question in your mind that where your money goes so you may need a software which stores income and expenses into database and finally provide the income and expense inquiry report to know about where your cash flows. So, I have published this data-entry Gegasoft Cash Control Mini software which helps you control your cash /salary /income /money in this way that you save all your expenses and income information to it and at the end of the month see details about your expense that where your money has been spent.

Gegasoft Cash Control Mini:

It is a simple and for single person cash management software which handles your debit and credit entries and provide you detailed list about your expenses and income. The program is a simple user cash control software which lets you save your all debit and credit entries and shows you about your income and expense reports. Gegasoft Cash Control Mini is very useful to understand and solve your financial problems / leaks to control your cash spending in the useless ways. To know about where you spend useless. Analyze your expense reports and calculate the percentage of the expenses and you will finally reach the point about where your cash goes in useless ways. Gegasoft Cash Control Mini helps you control you cash spending on useless places can be used for a simple family system or a single business man person. It may not be used for a Large Business to control all their financial problems but it is a single party data entry cash control or cash management, or daybook software / program. You can order Gegasoft Cash Control Business Addition for your large business to handle all the cash of your business at the Order a software page of this website.

Income Ledgers:

There are predefined income ledgers you can use to make your income entries. For example you got salary you may make an entry to your salary income ledger or if you have got payment for software development you can make entry to you software development income ledger.

Expense Ledgers:

Expense tab contains ledgers of possible expenses. You make entries for you Cash for expenses. For example if you have spent cash for payment of electricity bill or phone bill you may make entry for expenses.

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