Gegasoft Almighty Names (Ism-e-Azam)

Gegasoft Almighty Names (Ism-e-Azam)

Gegasoft Ism e Azam Finder SoftwareSurely, a majority of people have heard about the term Ism-e-Azam. The great Sufis have produced enormous works and explanations on this subject based upon the knowledge of Quran. They have listed the benefits and rewards of this invaluable zikr of Allah.

Your Almighty Name (Ism-e-Azam):

Every person has an Ism-e-Azam, either based on his/her name or circumstances. The great Sufis and friends of Allah have given us very simple and logical methods to work out our Ism-e-Azam. Every name has a quantity, according to the concept of Haroof-e-Abjad. It is reported that Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged people to teach and learn about this concept.


[Naseema:] this name(s) quantity according to Abjad is 165. So now it is necessary to search for Allah's name, which also has 165 numbers according to Abjad. If one name of Allah cannot be found with 165, then two names should be added and the process should continue until a name or several names make up 165. So in this case, Muhaymin, which is 145 and Wudood, which is 20, make up 165. So the Ism-e-Azam of Naseema is Ya Muhaymin Ya Wudood Ya Allah. It must be noted that Sufis have advised us to associate the Zaati name [Allah] in the end. If the name Allah is automatically part of your Ism-e-Azam then you do not have to add it in the end. Furthermore, while reading your Ism-e-Azam, you must put a YA in front of all the names of Allah. So it should be Ya Muhaymin, Ya Wadood, Ya Allah. And since the amount is 165, then the reader must read it 330 times daily by doubling it.

Remember, every name of Allah has a Muwakkil (angel), who constantly prays and repeats that name of Allah. And the more you read your Ism-e-Azam, the closer this angel will come to you. This angel will gradually help and assist you in fulfilling you wishes and hopes. You will suddenly feel a help and assistance coming from the unseen for all your matters. Some Sufis have also mentioned that if one with honest and humble intentions punctually reads Ism-e-Azam, then one day you will be able to see and witness that angel. This is power of Ism-e-Azam. May Allah give us the opportunity to worship and remember Him all the time and that we all follow the path of His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). Lets us pray that we all live as Muslims and take our last in breath as Mumins. Ameen

This software finds and calculates your Almighty Name (Ism-e-Azam) in accordance with your name's Haroof-e-Abjad.

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