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Static Web Development

HTML & CSS Development

Gegasoft Static Website Development Service


  development service is offering you to

develop static website

for you or your company.

Static Website

are mostly uses HTML and CSS technologies only and made available by the web server over HTTP. HTML is the basic web development proramming language you only

develop static websites

using this language.

Static web page

is delivered to the user exactly as stored. Consequently a static web page displays stagnant contents/information to users, from all contexts.
All the webpages used in

static website development

are written/codded completely. It means that the header and footer html code for your website may be included each of website webpages. If you have to modify or change any thing for example on your website header or footer you must may have to change each of your static website webpage. It means that changes or modifications on

static websites

are hard to be implemented if you have too many pages of your website. But still is being used for small websites which contains less than five or six web-pages.


  • Quick to Develop

  • Cheap development rates

  • Cheap to host


  • Content can get stagnant

  • website update dificulty

  • Site not as useful for the user

Pricing Table


  • 1 to 3 Pages
  • Responsive
  • Social Links
  • S.E.O Friendly
  • Browser Compatible
  • Contact Page


  • 4 to 5 Pages
  • Responsive
  • Social Links
  • S.E.O Friendly
  • Browser Compatible
  • Contact Page


  • 5 to 10 Pages
  • Responsive
  • Social Links
  • S.E.O Friendly
  • Browser Compatible
  • Contact Page
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Qualities of our Services


You website may be compatible to the most of the browsers. Such as, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.

Your websie may be device friendly and open in a good style design. i.e. Computers, Tablets PCs, Mobiles, IPhones and Apple phones etc.

Your website may have unique custom admin dashboard to have a control over your website contents where you may add/remove contents.

We develop your website in cheap rates. You can watch out our pricing list.

Technologies We Use

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento etc.

We are working on web development and software programming since 2004. Our portfolio carries some of our great distinguished works.
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