Quran Pak Reader

Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader Application

Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader

Quran Pak Reader

also known as

Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader

is the product/application of

Gegasoft Corporation

. Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader (Quran Pak Reader) includes many a different Holy Quran Translations and Holy Quran Tafaseer which are currently not available on the Internet in text/web format to read these Translations or Tafaseer online. We are providing our users these Translations and Tafaseer to let our user read these Translations and Tafaseer online easily. We provide our users (Holy Quran Readers) almost any possible Holy Quran navigation through Holy Quran pages, for example nagivation by surah, by parah, by surah-verse, by surah-ruku, by parah-ruku and pagewise.
We want our users (Holy Quran Reader) to provide improved version of Quran Pak Reader Application with latest/improved features and generic solution that a user can expect that are necessary while reading Holy Quran on Internet.Read More


Gegasoft Holy Quran Translations

Holy Quran Translation Tarjuma Kanzul Iman

Tarjuma Kanzul Iman

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Holy Quran Translation Zia ul Quran

Tarjuma Zia ul Quran

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Holy Quran Translation Tibyan ul Quran

Tarjuma Tibyan ul Quran

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Gegasoft Holy Quran Tafaseer

Holy Quran Tafseer Khazain ul Arfan

Tafseer Khazain ul Arfan

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Holy Quran Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer

Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer

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Holy Quran Tafseer Jamalain

Tafseer Jamalain

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Holy Quran tafseer Qurtabi

Tafseer Qurtabi

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Holy Quran Dur-e-Mansoor

Tafseer Dur-e-Mansoor

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Holy Quran Tafseer Mazhari

Tafseer Mazhari

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Holy Quran Tafseer Sanai

Tafseer Sanai

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List All Tafaseer

List Tafaseer

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Tajveed Course, Daily Verse Widget, Quran Read Guide & Search Tool

Our Tajveed Course Classes Programme
We are offering online Tajveed ul Quran Course. Join our online Tajveed ul Quran classes now to learn aout how to read The Holy Quran with Tajveed. Read More...
Our Daily Verse Widget/Gadget
We are providing Daily Verse of Holy Quran Widget which randomize a nice Verse of The Day. You can place this nice widget on your website to have a nice impression. Read More...
Holy Quran Read Guide (Ramuz al Awqaf)
Ther are some basic rules or instructions which every one must know. These instructions must take care while reading holy quran. i.e. Aoqaaf Read More...
Holy Quran Search Tool
Our search tool lets you easily search from Holy Quran translations and tafaseer to find a thing or solution in The Holy Quran. Read More...
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