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  lets our students learn about Ilm-u-Tajveed (The Knowlege of Tajveed). To join our Tajveed Course and start Tajveed Classes you may have to submit a very little information such as about Your Name, Email, Phone, and Country. After this We may contact you either from your email address or phone number or contact number. Read the followings to know more about What is Tajveed (Its definition), Importance of Tajveed (Why tajveed is important to learn), Fee and Schedule (Our Tajveed Course Pricing) etc.

Note: We can offer special discount for students in regards with their country information and for Orphan students.

What is Tajveed

The Definition of Tajveed

According to Wikipedia the Tajveed , sometimes rendered as tajwid, refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Holy Quran. So, Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning correct pronunciation during recitation. This is knowledge of about how to pronounce the Holy Quran words in their actual/real sounds. You understand the difference between some similar pronounced characters that how to differentiate them while pronouncing. For example, you learn difference between (Kaaf and Qaaf), (Zaal and Zay), (Seen and Saad), (Taa, Tua), (Alif and Aeen) and other similar arabic characters.

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Importance of Tajveed

Why Tajveed is Important to Learn

Due to the vastness of the Arabic language, any small mistake in pronunciation of a letter or word may change the meaning of that word. For example, the word "Qalb" (with q) means heart, if read "Kalb" (with k), it will mean a dog". So think that you pronounce such words without tajveed and say Kalb instead of Qalb, what will be the meaning of the Holy Quran Verse? But sometimes saying words without Tajveed causes you say the Kufriya Words.
Our beloved Rasul (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) states in one Hadith, "There are a lot of readers that read the Holy Quran but the Holy Quran curses them instead of making Duaa for them." We get some people nowadays who spend hours and hours reciting the Holy Quran thinking that they are getting and attaining great rewards. But because there pronunciation of letters is incorrect, a very big problem arise. It sounds very small when we say, "I am only pronouncing a letter incorrectly.." But did this thought ever cross our minds that when a letter changes in a word, the word changes and if a word changes in a sentence then the whole sentence changes and eventually the meaning also changes. So from this, we understand the Hadith of our Rasul (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), that some people read so much of the Holy Quran but because they do not know the correct pronunciation of the letters, they change the letters which then changes the words which eventually leads to the changing of the sentence and meaning of the Holy Quran. So, the Holy Quran in turn, instead of making Duaa for such people it curses them.
We should also remember that from the time and generation of Nabi (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) till now, no one has ever denied this fact that Tajveed is compulsory. It is only now in our generation that people have lost respect and forgotten the status of Tajveed. Today, even logic will show us the importance of Tajveed. If we write a letter to our beloved and give it to someone to give it to him or her, but this Mr Someone takes the letter and changes a few words which eventually changes the meaning of your letter, how would we feel?
Would't we get angry and take such a person to task , so in the same way, the Holy Quran is the word of Allah. If we change the word of Allah then Allah Ta'ala will definitely get angry with us and take us to task just as how we would do if someone changes our words in our letters.

Our Tajveed Course

About Gegasoft Online Tajveed Programme Course

As you understand the importance of the Knowledge of Tajveed, there is need for every muslim to learn Tajveed. so, the countries where it is hard to find good Tajveed Tutor, We have find the solution to cause them easily learn The Knowledge of Tajveed from home on Internet easily. So, to Join our Online Tajveed Course and to start attending online Tajveed classes don't wait to submit a little contact form. We may contact you either on your email address or contact number. We have 3 days of free trial base classes to check our system that how do we teach tajveed to our students and how are our tutors. You continue if you satisfy with our service.

Fee and Schedule

Our Tajveed Course Pricing

The duration of this course/programme is three months for shining/efficient students with 7 Days a Week Schedule. However for poor/dull or week students and 3 Days a Week Course Schedule the period can be extend. Online Class time period is 30Min per day.

ScheduleFee (per Month)
3 Days a Week50 USD
7 Days a Week75 USD

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