Daily Verse Widget/Gadget

About Gegasoft Daily Verse Widget/Gadget
  is widget/gadget which rotates Ayat each day. If you want to show Verse of the Day widget/gadget/block on your website you can embed this into your website easily. We have collected the Holy Quran short verses available with translations to be rotate and embed into websites/blogs. This widget is available in common light and dark themes, however, you can customize and write your own css to paint new theme onto it.

Create "The Verse of the Day" widget using the following easy steps.

Creating Daily Verse Widget/Gadget

This is the sample of the code to be placed onto your website where you want The Daily Verse Widget/Gadget to be appeared.

Copy the sample code, change the parameters as per your requirements and paste into the area/div of your website where you want to place this widget. To learn about how parameters work read the followings please they are few.

Widget Parameters

ParameterPossible ValueFunction
ThemelightThe Light Theme Widget
darkThe Dark Theme Widget
Translation0Without Translation
1With English Translation
Title (Optional)StringSet Custom Title

Instructions: Copy the iframe code from the above sample textbox and after making your required changes paste onto your website.

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