About Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader

About Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader
  to the QURAN PAK READER. Quran Pak Reader also known as Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader is an Online Web Application/Product of Gegasoft Company. The purpose of this application/product is to provide our users/visitors the Holy Quran Translations in such a way that a user may most likely be stuck onto this application to read Holy Quran to get oblation/reward from Almight Allah. Gegasoft consists of a small team of dedicated workers from project management , engineering department and tutors .This team functions with the guidance of many of the Ustadhs for providing quality services to our Muslim brothers and sisters interested to learn the Holy Quran.

Our Mission

To help Muslims , regardless geographical location , to grow their knowledge about Quran ,by providing best distance learning - Quran tutoring services ,at lowest cost possible .To ensure that students enjoy seamless experience while having World-class services on 24/7/365 basis.

Our Vision

To provide a platform where every Muslim is able to read and understand the holy Quran , regardless of geographical location.

Easy to Use

We have designed our application in such a way that the user may like to read Holy Quran daily comming on our beautiful web application. We try our best to provide very easy and every possible Holy Quran Navigation. A user can explore Holy Quran by selecting Part, Sura, Part with Ruku, Surah with Verse No, Sura with Ruku and Page No. The number of persons/users who may read Holy Quran Online using our application may cause get oblation from Almighty Allah. We advise our users also to share this Holy Quran as possible as they can because Almighty Allah may give them oblation on their each share.


List of Available Translations

Gegasoft Holy Quran reader application contains the following translations available to explore, read and search from. You can view/read two translations at a time. The main translation you open for reading is to be called Primary Translation where as, the Secondary Translation is the translation you choose to add into your view. To select second translations choose from Secondary selectbox in options sidebar. We use cookies to determine which secondary translation you have chosen. So, please enable cookies to let our application be able to determine that which translation you have chosen for secondary translation.


List of Available Tafaseer

Gegasoft Holy Quran reader application contains the following tafaseer available to explore, read and search from. Some Tafaseer comes with translation or are available with their translation too. For example, Holy Quran Translation Tarjuma Zia ul Quran is also available in Tafseer Zia ul Quran. These type of Tafseer opens with their default translation. If a Tafaseer only is available it will be open with the default translation (Tarjuma Kanzul Iman). However, you can select different translation with any Tafseer from Options sidebar selectbox.


If you find any typing mistake/errors in the our translations or tafaseer which we have provided to view or read, You can easily report any translation/tafseer as a typing mistake, or audacity of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) or of Islam by clicking on report button which appears on every page. Choose type of report and write down some informative details. In the details of report please mention exactly the Surah No. and the Version No. So, that we may easily find the position of typing error/mistake, audacity phrase. We may remove the phrase who causes representation of audacity, contempt, fineness, incompetence or unimportance of Great Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) or of Islam, or may typing mistake/errors if it really exists in that translation/tafseer.

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