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Responsive Design Web Development

Responsive Web Design

Desktop, Tablet, IPad and IPhone friendly Website Development

Why should not your website may be adjusted automatically with different devices such as Desktop computers, tablet PCs, IPhone mobiles or other mobile phones. We offer responsive theme for your website for all of these plateforms.

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The Form

Cross-Browser Compatibility

IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Compatibile Style Sheet

The good web-designs are those web-designs who are compatible with different web-browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. They always depends on the css you write for your website.

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Custom Admin Dashboard

Custom Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Where you have control over your contents

Content Management System (CMS) websites are those website which have a custom admin dashbaord to create pages for you website or to add new contents to your website. Dashbaord offers you control over your website contents.

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom Data-Entry Software Development

Our database driven custom data-entry software development service offers you to have a custom data-entry software for your company to store data and show reports. Gegasoft offers both web & desktop data-entry solution.

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Our Products

Gegasoft Math Functions Show

Gegasoft Math Functions Show
256 downloads | 2228 views
It shows you basic trigonometry functions that how they change values between zero and one graphically amazingly by dancing yellow balls in the curve of the function who changes its value. It is good software to learn basic trignometry functions. It lets your change the speed of moving the balls on the curve of a specific selected trignometry function. What are...
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Gegasoft Task List (task manager program)

Gegasoft Task List (task manager program)
227 downloads | 2422 views
Gegasoft Task List (task manager program) is a windows task manager program that enlists windows tasks list. It has been designed or published for those user who says that their computer has been caught from virus or trojans which have disabled default windows task list program. When they press Ctrl+Alt+Delete they receive message "Task Manager has been disabled by your...
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Gegasoft Windows Google Search

Gegasoft Windows Google Search
182 downloads | 2095 views
Gegasoft Windows Google Search lets you search any file name or folder in your whole system using Google type search. It makes a sketches of all the files and folder in your computer and makes a database and when you search any text it searches quickly and very fast your whole system.Gegasoft Windows Google Search enlists the files searched from...
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Gegasoft Draw Amplitude Modulation

230 downloads | 4549 views
Gegasoft Draw Amplitude Modulation helps you understand the amplitude modulation that how audio frequency is modulated as amplitude modulation on the radio signal. To understand Gegasoft Draw Amplitude Modulation first you must understand the electronics terms Audio Freuqncy, Radio Frequency, Amplitude Modulation, Percentage Modulation which are explained as under. Gegasoft Draw Amplitude Modulation Amplitude Modulation also called (AM) in the electronics terms...
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Client's & Testimonials

We Don't tell our success story to any one, Our work and Customers are enough to describe it.

Muhammad Waseem Saleem Great Team to work with, really attentive and react to request immediately. Excellent work and I'm really pleased with the results. Thanks Gegasoft Corporation.
Muhammad Waseem Saleem
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Fakhir Khurram I am very pleased with the way the AirView project went, that how they tackled all aspects of my project in a very short period of time at afforable cost. Thank you very much Gegasoft! I must contact you again for my next project.
Fakhir Khurram
Muhammad Atif Shafiq Gegasoft is excellent Company! I will definitely work with them again. Good communication, good work, on time!
Muhammad Atif Shafiq
Nauman Ahmed Thanks to you and the team for delivering a memorable event. As you are aware we were constrained by time and you managed the impact and the deadlines perfectly. We may still be talking about you.
Nauman Ahmed
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